Why Choose Home Dog Boarding/Sitting Over Kennels?

Dog Boarding

Sometimes staying at home simply isn’t an option and you may want to choose somewhere such as kennels and home dog boarding to look after your beloved pet. But what exactly is the difference between them?


Kennels are places you can take your dog if you need to be away and your dog can’t come with you. However, kennels have varying standards of care and maybe caged or cage-free kennels. They will have all their food and water and toiletry needs catered for, as well as being safe, but you have less control over the conditions your dog stays in. There may be lots of other animals and it may be distressing for them if they are used to getting a lot of attention. They may spend a lot of the day alone and there is no guarantee that your dog will receive the loving attention they may need.

Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is usually done at your or the sitters’ home, making it perfect for anxious dogs, those who don’t socialize well or those who like to bond more with humans or need plenty of cuddles.

Dog boarding usually offers customizable care for your pet to ensure their every need is met, ranging from the number and length of dog walks, food times, socialization and knowing how many other dogs might be there. If you find a good sitter, it is likely to be more calming to your dog, especially if they don’t like it when you leave. In many ways, dog boarding is the best way to look after your dog when you’re away from home, and it absolutely is fantastic for your pet if you find the right person to trust.

Look for someone who loves dogs, can take pictures throughout the stay and who you feel comfortable to discuss any requirements with. For home dog boarding in Sheffield, click here.